Kodiak Cakes Bear Bites Graham Crackers, Frontier, Protein-Packed, Cinnamon, 8 Pack

5 g Protein. Crafted with 100% whole grains. Non GMO ingredients. Package pictured for description only. Whole grains taste better. Snack Adventurously: When there's no telling what sort of adventure you will embark on next, keep Kodiak Cakes Bear Bites by your side. Crafted for adventurous spirits that require the nourishment of 100% whole grains and protein, these Frontier Graham Crackers are grizzly-sized snacks with the familiar taste of cinnamon that will keep you roaming till the sun sets. Nourishment for todays frontier. Made with freshly ground grains and no preservatives. Kodiak Cakes started out of a red wagon. Learn our story and join our adventure at kodiakcakes.com. kodiakcakes.com. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. YouTube. Pinterest. Grizzly Bear and Wildlife Foundations: We're committed to keeping the frontier wild for future generations. Your purchase helps us support foundations that protect grizzly bears and other wildlife habitats around the country. Carton made with recycled paper. Please recycle.