Tadych’s takes pride in offering you the best of the best choices in our Meat Department. We are proud of the fact that all our beef, pork, veal and lamb is cut in the store by our very knowledgeable specialists. Our goal is to offer you, our customer, the best quality and selection you can find anywhere at competitive prices. We handle NatureSource All Natural Angus Beef along with these brands.

Chairman's Reserve® Premium Beef

When it comes to delivering an unmatched Black Angus experience, “good enough” will never cut it. Chairman’s Reserve® Premium Black Angus beef is selected for high marks in marbling, color, muscling and maturity through a strict certification process — less than 25% of all USDA Choice beef meets our selection criteria for quality. The Premium seal also means you’re always getting an unmatched mealtime experience: all natural, minimally processed, no artificial ingredients. Chairman’s Reserve® Premium Black Angus beef is chosen from the upper 2/3 Choice grades for the highest quality.

Chairman's Reserve® Prime Pork

For the pork experts behind the Chairman’s Reserve® Meats brand, two things matter more than anything else: marbling and color. Marbling levels determine how flavorful pork will be, while a deeper pink color is a sign that it will be juicy. The Chairman’s Reserve Meats team takes both of these specifications very seriously. After hand selecting each Prime Pork cut to ensure it’s up to their standards, the team hand trims their pork to make sure you never pay for excess fat. This process is so selective, Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork is proven to be 25% more tender than all other leading pork brands without added solution. It’s this attention to detail and commitment to quality that gives Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork its chairman-worthy flavor.

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Hormel Always Tender – You don’t always have the time or energy to marinate their pork. That’s why Hormel created Hormel Always Tender flavored meats. Because they’re pre-marinated, they aren’t only easier to prepare, they are consistently more satisfying to eat.

Honeysuckle White Turkey

Make any occasion a special event with a delicious Honeysuckle White® turkey. Whether it’s a special occasion or you just want a meal to remember, make it Honeysuckle White.

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Miller Amish Country Poultry

At Miller’s it’s all about raising and feeding our chickens the right way, the natural way. Their chickens are fed an all vegetarian diet with no antibiotics; no animal or bakery by-products; and no growth stimulants or hormones.

We also carry Katie’s Best and Katie’s Best Organic products. They’re air-chilled and non-GMO!

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