fresh berries


Stepping into Tadych’s “Produce Garden” you’ll find an array of eye-appealing, healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables. We also carry a wide variety of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and salads. Look for our weekly specials and see your produce manager for any requests you may have for organic or conventional produce.

Fresh cut fruits and vegetables are available throughout the day to provide healthy snacks for your family or a big weekend party.

In season, we buy local potatoes and other vegetables as well as many varieties of apples, including the popular Honeycrisp! Supporting our local farmers allows us to provide more mature produce–often the same day it’s picked. Buying local also saves on fossil fuels used in the transportation and refrigeration of produce trucked in from longer distances.

We carry the highest grade of apples, “premium” tree ripe peaches, nectarines and plums. We carry Dole and Green Giant products, known for their high quality. You’ll also find national award winning tomatoes such as Kumatos and Zima Orange Cherry Tomatoes on our shelves.

Come see why we go the extra distance to provide your family and ours with the freshest produce.

Learn More About The Products & Brands We Carry!

Visit any of the links below for information about the products you’ll find in our produce department. You’ll find where our products come from, how they’re grown, recipes, and more!

California Avocados
Earthbound Farm Organic
Idaho Potato Commission
The Mushroom Council
Pepin Heights Orchards
Washington Apples