Tadych’s will offer your organization a 3% profit for each gift card purchased. For example: Your organization purchases scrip gift cards in increments of $1000 for only $970. These scrip gift cards are then sold to your supporters for face value. Your organization profits $30 per $1000 sold. Please note: Scrip gift cards must be purchased in blocks of $1000.

How it Works

  • Scrip gift cards are available in denominations of $25, $50 and $100.
  • Payment for these scrip gift cards must be made at the time of your order with a check from your organization (personal checks will not be accepted). Make check payable to Tadych’s.
  • Your organization’s scrip gift cards will be available for pick up at the service counter the following day (Monday through Friday).
  • Each organization is responsible for marketing and sales, taking orders, collecting money, and keeping track of the scrip gift cards.
  • Sell the scrip gift cards to your supporters for the full gift card value. Your organization earns a 3% profit!


Keep in Mind

  • Scrip gift cards work like cash.
  • Lost or stolen script gift cards cannot be voided or replaced.
  • Scrip gift cards are redeemable at all six Tadych’s locations.


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