Natural Light House Rules Hard Seltzer Lets Strawberry And Kiwi Call The Shots In A Refreshing Flavored Seltzer Drink. A Refreshing Blend Of Strawberry And Kiwi Flavors Creates A Light, Fizzy Drink That Everyone Can Enjoy. 12 Pack.

Natural Light House Rules Hard Seltzer lets strawberry and kiwi call the shots in a refreshing flavored seltzer drink. A refreshing blend of strawberry and kiwi flavors creates a light, fizzy drink that everyone can enjoy. Each 12 fluid ounce serving contains 133 calories and 6% ABV. These fruity alcohol beverages come in cans for easy portability and storage. Grab a case for a party, a fun night in, or for refreshing hard fruit drinks after work. The seltzer you never saw coming wants to crash your party.