Beet It 100% Juice, Beet Juice

Blended with 10% apple juice. 100% GMO free. Never from concentrates. Beet juice is delicious. We add a small amount of pressed apple juice to smooth the natural earthy taste of beet, while retaining its distinctive taste and aroma. The natural dietary nitrate in beetroot juice varies significantly from batch to batch, but with 90% beet juice in Beet It, the nitrate content will on average be 0.8 g per litre. Suitable for vegetarians. The juice is unfiltered after pressing and some sediment may settle at the bottom of the bottle. Drinking beet juice may turn your urine pink; this is natural. Tel: 866-447-6177. Web: No preservatives. No artificial colors or flavors. Never from concentrates. Gluten free.