Six Gun Chili Mixin's Chipotle Spices 4 Oz

No gluten ingredients. Ol hired hands. Makes 2 quarts. Six Gun Chipotle Chili Mixins is good enough to feed the preacher on Sunday...and where I come that's awfully good! Folks all know that six gun Chili mixins is pure Texas, but we can still borrow good stuff from elsewhere. Chipotle peppers from old Mexico, blended into our gold medal winning bowl of red, makes for a smokey-sweet sensation. Only the finest fire-roasted chipotle peppers make it into our six gun chipotle chili mixins bag of blessedness. ol hired hand. Important Notice: AS a connoisseur of the Chili Pod, join up with the Ol' Hired Hands as a member of the Fat West Trail Cooks Association. As an official member, you'll receive your personalized, hand-lettered membership certificate, over $3 in cents-off coupons, plus some better-than-average trail recipes. Send $3 registration fee to: Far West Trail Cooks Assn. 2121 Tucker Industrial Rd. Tucker GA 30084.